2021 LearnKey Release Schedule

Updated 11/17/2021

2021 Releases

Course: After Effects 2021

Exam: Visual Effects & Motion Graphics using Adobe After Effects

Description: The Adobe After Effects course will guide you through the basics of working in the visual and motion graphics industry—creating and setting up a project; navigating, organizing, and customizing the application interface; organizing video projects; creating and manipulating visual elements; and exporting your project to various digital media formats. This course will not only prepare you for this exciting new certification, but it will give you an edge in employability as you seek to land your dream job.

Course: Animate 2021

Exam: Multiplatform Animation using Adobe Animate

Description: The Animate course teaches users what to expect when working in the animation industry, such as how to create, manage, organize, and customize documents and the application interface; how to create and modify multimedia elements and animations; and how to publish content for the web and screen. Users will learn what they need to know to prepare for a career in the animation industry, all while learning what they need to know to sit for the certification exam.

Course: Azure AI Fundamentals

Exam: AI-900

Description: This course is an introduction to building artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning models through Azure. The course also covers basic AI concepts, giving those who take this course an increase in skills needed to land an introductory AI-based job. Specific exam topics include AI workloads and considerations, fundamental principles of machine learning, computer vision workloads, Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads, and conversational AI workloads.

Course: CompTIA IT Fundamentals

Exam: FC0-U61

Description: This course, a core course in the CompTIA series of certifications, introduces one to IT concepts from both a hardware and software standpoint. The course is built for those looking to learn IT concepts, obtain the IT Fundamentals certification, and move on to other CompTIA certifications such as A+, Network+, and Security+. This course also will help one's employability prospects for entry-level IT positions. Topics covered in this course include IT concepts and terminology, infrastructure, applications and software, software development concepts, database fundamentals, and security.

Course: CompTIA Security+

Exam: SY0-601

Description: Security+ is one of the core CompTIA certifications and this version of Security+, compared to previous versions of Security+, places far more emphasis on newer IT security needs, such as for cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT). This certification will be of tremendous help to anyone looking to become an IT security professional. Topics covered in this course include attacks, threats and vulnerabilities, architecture and design, implementation, operations and incident response, and governance, risk, and compliance.

Course: Databases

Exam: INF-201

LearnKey's Databases course is an introduction to building, entering information into, and querying databases. The course also provides a solid introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL), the primary language used to get the desired information from a database. This course helps one get ready to take and pass the IT Specialist Databases exam and will help one’s employability prospects in any job requiring querying and junior database administration skills. Specific topics for this course include Database Design, Database Object Management, Data Retrieval, Data Manipulation, and Troubleshooting.

Course: Design for Delight Innovator

LearnKey's Intuit Design for Delight course explores the design thinking process to provide customer-centric solutions. The three design thinking principles, Deep Customer Empathy, Go Broad to Go Narrow, and Rapid Experiments with Customers, are discussed and practiced throughout the course. Students will learn how to perform observations, identify customer problems, brainstorm, narrow, prototype, and test solution ideas to provide customers with the highest level of delight.

Course: Dreamweaver 2021

Exam: Web Authoring using Adobe Dreamweaver 2021

Description: The Adobe Dreamweaver web design software has an intuitive and visual interface for creating and editing websites and mobile apps with confidence; this course provides step-by-step instructions on how to do it. From working in the web design industry, to customizing the application and documents, to publishing for the web, this course teaches it all. Users are prepared to sit for the certification all while improving their employability in the web design industry.

Course: Entrepreneurship and Small Business V.2

Exam: ESB

Description: LearnKey’s Entrepreneurship and Small Business V.2 course explores entrepreneurship and small business concepts, including legal business structures, business opportunities, and ways to obtain funding. Students will learn how to create and use a business plan, pitch deck, lean canvas. They will also learn how to identify their target market and calculate business financials.

Course: HTML and CSS

Exam: INF-301

Description: LearnKey’s HTML and CSS course is an excellent course for those looking to gain employability skills in the area of web development. The material covers the objectives on the HTML and CSS exam, putting a solid entry-level certification well within reach. Specifically, the course has two distinct parts: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), which includes HTML fundamentals, document structuring, and multimedia presentation, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which includes CSS fundamentals and styling webpages. Then, the importance of accessibility for both HTML and CSS is introduced.

Course: HTML5 Application Development

Exam: INF-306

LearnKey's HTML5 Application Development course, a course in the IT Specialist series, expands on the knowledge one gains in the HTML and CSS course and JavaScript course from the same series. Advanced web design and development concepts, such as application lifecycle management, graphics and animation, forms, layouts, and JavaScript coding are the main topics in this course. This course and subsequent certification is the next logical step up for someone wanting a career in web design and development.

Course: Illustrator 2021

Exam: Graphic Design & Illustration using Adobe Illustrator

Description: The Adobe Illustrator course introduces both new and experienced users to Illustrator preparing the user for certification and improving their employability in the design industry. This course teaches the basics of working in the design industry including identifying an audience and their needs, communicating with colleagues and clients, and understanding copyright. You will also learn how to navigate, organize, and customize the application workspace; organize and streamline document workflows; create and modify text and graphic elements; and how to publish your project in web, print, and video formats.

Course: InDesign 2021

Exam: Print & Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign

Description: The Adobe InDesign course teaches designing page layouts for both print and Web. The course uses a step-by-step approach to demonstrate the basics of the application and interface and then gradually moves on to more advanced and complex aspects of the software. Methods for efficiently performing common layout tasks using various tools and on-object controls are taught, as well as learning how to use formatting tools to produce high quality documents. With the goal of preparing a user for certification, the course follows the exam objectives from working in the design industry to publishing your creation for web and print. Users who complete the course, whether seeking certification or not, will improve their employability and marketability in the design industry.

Course: Java

Exam: INF-304

Description: The Java (INF-304) course is excellent for someone wanting to learn how to code in Java, a powerful object-oriented programming language. This course will also help students get ready to pass the IT Specialist INF-304 Java exam and improve employability prospects for any software development position requiring Java coding skills. Specifically, this course covers Java fundamentals, data types and variables, flow control, object-oriented principles, and compiling and debugging code. These concepts are covered through simulating writing code for an online store, thus adding a real-life scenario to this course.

Course: JavaScript

Exam: INF-302

Description: LearnKey's JavaScript (INF-302) course is an excellent course for those looking to gain valuable introductory JavaScript skills. Topics covered include: learning about JavaScript operators, keywords, and methods, using variables, data types, and functions, implementing decisions and loops, interacting with the DOM (Document Object Model), and interacting with forms. In all of these topics, students will clearly see how JavaScript is used to enhance existing webpages. Furthermore, this course covers the material on the INF-302 exam, and will help anyone looking to improve their employability prospects in the areas of designing and building webpages.

Course: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

Exam: MS-900

Description: This course covers concepts of the Software as a Service (SaaS) portion of the cloud through introducing one to manage implementations through Microsoft 365. This course is excellent for those wanting to obtain the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals certification and become more employable in the area of SaaS administration. Specific topics in this course include: cloud concepts, core Microsoft 365 services and concepts, security, compliance, privacy and trust in Microsoft 365, and Microsoft 365 pricing and support.

Course: Network Security

Exam: INF-102

Description: LearnKey’s Network Security course is geared toward those looking to learn basic operating system security fundamentals. This course will also prepare students to take and pass the Network Security exam. The four main topics covered in this course are: defense in depth, operating system security, network device security, and secure computing. This course will also improve employability prospects for those trying to gain an entry level IT support/desktop position with some basic security knowledge requirements.

Course: Networking

Exam: INF-101

Description: LearnKey’s Networking course is an excellent entry-level certification course for those looking to gain a network certification and increase employability prospects for any junior to mid-level networking career. This course covers, in detail, these networking aspects: networking fundamentals, network infrastructure, networking hardware, protocols and services, and troubleshooting. This course is also a solid precursor to other networking certifications, most notably the CompTIA Network+ certification.

Course: Photoshop 2021

Exam: Visual Design using Photoshop 2021

Description: This course is designed for both novice and advanced users preparing for certification. Using the concept of an outdoor magazine, the course demonstrates topics necessary for working in the design industry, setting up a project and customizing the user interface, organizing documents, creating and modifying visual elements, and publishing a final product. Mastering Photoshop is one of the most sought-after skills in today’s competitive marketing and design job markets.

Course: Premiere Pro 2021

Exam: Digital Video using Adobe Premiere Pro 2021

Description: The Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software makes creating and producing amazing video possible through a host of tools and integration features with the entire Adobe CC software suite. Users will learn the basics of working in the digital video industry; how to create, navigate, and organize a project and the application interface; how to create and modify elements of digital video; and how to publish a final project for distribution. The course prepares a user for the certification exam and adds to the skills required for employment in the digital video industry.

Course: Python

Exam: INF-303

Description: LearnKey’s Python (INF-303) course covers Python, a very versatile programming language which can be used to power websites, build games, and even program hardware. This course is also an excellent course for someone new to programming, as many of the topics covered are basic programming topics which carry over well to other programming languages. Specifically, this course covers data types and operators, decisions and loops, input and output, code documentation and structure, troubleshooting, and modules and tools. The course topics directly map to the INF-303 exam and will help anyone looking to improve their employability prospects in Python and for programming jobs in general.

Course: QuickBooks Online

Exam: QuickBooks Certified User

Description: This course introduces one to the online version of QuickBooks, an industry-wide accounting software app. Specific topics, which are also on the QuickBooks Certified User exam, include QuickBooks setup and maintenance, list management, sales, purchases, basic accounting, reports, and customization. Like the desktop version of this course and exam, this course will help one increase employability prospects for any position needing accounting software knowledge.

Course: Security+

Exam: SY0-601

Description: LearnKey's Security+ (SY0-601) course will prepare you for the CompTIA SY0-601 exam. The latest course places far more emphasis on newer IT security needs, such as the Internet of Things (IoT). This certification will be of tremendous help to anyone looking to become an IT security professional. Topics covered in this course include attacks, threats and vulnerabilities, architecture and design, implementation, operations and incident response, and governance, risk, and compliance.

Upcoming Releases - Q4-2021

Course: CISSP (2021 Edition)


Description: The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification is an industry-recognized security certification for both technical and managerial skills. This course covers the exam topics for this certification. The topics include: security and risk management, asset security, security architecture and engineering, communication and network security, identity and access management, security assessment and testing, security operations, and software development security. This certification carries a high level of recognition for anyone seeking a security management type of position.

Course: Software Development

Exam: INF-305

Upcoming Releases - 2022

Course: Certified Bookkeeping Professional


Course: Device Configuration and Management

Exam: INF-103

Course: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals

Exam: SC-900

Course: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals

Exam: MB-901

Course: CompTIA Network+

Exam: N10-008

Course: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals

Exam: DP-900

Description: This course is a starting point for those looking to learn how data, both relational and non-relational, is worked with in the cloud. Specific topics, which are covered on the exam, include core data concepts, working with relational data on Azure, working with non-relational data on Azure, and analytics workloads. This course will help increase the employability chances for anyone looking to become a data professional.

Course: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution

Exam: AI-102

Description: This course builds on the basics of AI machine learning covered in the Azure AI Fundamentals course and narrows the focus to building specific types of AI machine learning solutions. Specific topics covered include analyzing solution requirements, designing AI solutions, and implementing and monitoring AI solutions. This course will also help those wanting to become AI solution architects be more employable in that and related fields.

Course: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure

Exam: DP-100

Description: This course, which maps to the Azure Data Scientist Associate certification, focuses mainly on running, modifying, and deploying machine learning models from within Azure. Specific topics include setting up an Azure Machine Learning workspace, running experiments and training models, optimizing and managing models, and deploying and consuming models. This course will help those who want to become data solution architects become more employable in that field.

Course: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals

Exam: PL-900

Description: Power Platform combines apps, business intelligence, and workflows into an umbrella solution for improving business processes. This course provides an introduction to all three of these aspects of Power Platform and helps one to obtain the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification. Specific topics covered include the business value of Power Platform, core components, Power BI capabilities, Power Apps capabilities, Power Automate capabilities, and Power Virtual Agents.

Course: Managing Microsoft Teams

Exam: MS-700

Description: This course is best suited for Teams administrators or, more importantly, those looking to become Teams administrators. This course touches on all facets of Teams: apps, channels, calling, live events, and audio conferencing. This course is mapped toward the Teams Administrator Associate certification and will help anyone who wants or needs to become more employable in positions needing a Teams administrator. Specific topics covered include planning and configuring a Microsoft Teams environment, managing chat, calling and meetings, and managing Teams and app policies.

Course: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Exam: AZ-204

Description: This course is for app developers looking to further their knowledge on Azure solutions development and gain the Azure Developer Associate certification and become employable for developer positions centering around Azure. Specific topics covered include developing Azure compute solutions, developing for Azure storage, implementing Azure security, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing Azure solutions, and connecting to and consuming Azure services and third-party services.

Course: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Customer Engagement Apps

Exam: MB-910

Course: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Finance and Operations Apps

Exam: MB-920

Course: Communication Skills for IT


Course: Resume Writing


Course: Oracle Java Associate

Exam: 1Z0-808

Description: This course is the next step up from MTA Introduction to Programming using Java as it covers Java at a higher level of detail and thus will help those looking for programming careers to be more employable in those fields, especially for Java. Specific topics, which map to the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer certification, include Java basics, operators and decision constructs, loop constructs, inheritance, classes, data types, arrays, methods and encapsulation, and exceptions.

*LearnKey's course release schedule is tentative and subject to change. Please direct any questions/clarifications to your representative. Thank you as we do our best to better serve you.

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