eLearning Company Offers Free Course to Get Middle Schoolers on Track


LearnKey Inc. is offering free online training to middle school students in an effort to reduce the nation's high school dropout rate. Know Your Talents helps students understand and leverage their unique personality, behaviors and skills.


ST. GEORGE, UT, February 07, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Despite recent increases in the U.S. high school graduation rate, 11 percent of American high school students -- more than 500,000 children -- drop out each year. However, recent research has shown that the dropout rate can be dramatically reduced by intervening in children's lives during middle school. Today, one of the nation's premier eLearning companies is doing something about the problem, by offering a free online training course ($50 value) to Middle School students, teachers and counselors.

Know Your Talents, a self-paced video training course, can help young students to discover their unique talents and behaviors, and get them on the right track by returning passion and fun back into the learning experience.

"In our efforts to help students, we want to offer this easy-to-understand 'self discovery' program to help young people identify and appreciate their talents as early as possible," says Lori Coruccini, a 25-year staffing industry veteran and author of Know Your Talents. "The more engaged a student is early on in middle school, the more likely that student will graduate from high school. LearnKey is offering this course at no charge to middle schoolers to underscore our commitment to improving education in America."

To take advantage of the offer, students, counselor and teachers may call 1-800-865-0165 or email clientservices@learnkey.com.

Research by Dr. Robert Balfanz at Johns Hopkins University found that, without effective intervention, at-risk middle school students who are absent more 1 out of every 5 school days, fail math or English, and receive an unsatisfactory behavior grade in a core course have a 75 percent chance of dropping out of high school.

LearnKey's Know Your Talents course unlocks the power of understanding one's own behavior, recognizing behaviors in others, and learning how to leverage that understanding to improve personal growth. The course is interactive, comes with a companion workbook and takes only 40 minutes to complete.

"Understanding your behavior and talents will be one of the greatest, life-enhancing steps you can take," says Coruccini. "Once you understand the basics of yourself, the interactions in your life can improve dramatically. This fosters more positive interactions with fellow students and teachers, which the Balfanz research showed was extremely important for student success."

Students who successfully complete the Know Your Talents course will: - gain an understanding and appreciation for how their behaviors impact relationships with others; - discover how to focus on behaviors in their environment to optimize their talents; - learn the principles of a SMART goal; and - personally become accountable by taking small steps to begin to maximize who they are.

The Know Your Talents course and companion workbook normally retail for $49.95. To find out more, visit www.learnkey.com/knowyourtalents or call toll-free 1-800-865-0165.



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