Career Readiness Courses Give Students, Workers a Competitive Edge


An innovative partnership between two leading U.S. companies has launched a new self-paced, online career readiness course bundle that will help users learn important life skills to gain an advantage in today's competitive job market.


St. George, UT - October 1, 2012 - LearnKey, in partnership with Human Relations Media, recently launched a series of self paced, elearning career readiness courses available through the company's online learning management system. The courses are designed to help students, learners, U.S. military veterans and unemployed workers learn important life skills necessary to gain a competitive advantage in today's job market.

"In today's world, quality video and content is paramount in driving the best learning experience and we are thrilled to launch these courses with Human Relations Media, which has a reputation for delivering exceptional courses," says the LearnKey founder John Clemons. "All courses meet LearnKey's certified course criteria, which includes real-world topics and quality content, as well as pre- and post-assessments to ensure the learner has an engaging and meaningful."

Progressive online learning institutions, vocational training programs, higher education and K-12 schools are seeking out this type of learning courseware to augment traditional learning material, Clemons explains. Learning courseware that includes information technology, office information systems and professional development training helps give learners a well-rounded set of skills, Clemons adds.

Other relevant topics for today's job seeker include: making a good impression through resumes, interview and appearance, playing it safe online, and how to keep a good job. LearnKey has also included an elearning video course on behavior so learners can discover their true talents.

"As you learn the skills required to become employed and job-ready, there is nothing more important than learning about your behavioral talents first and how to align and leverage them to a successful career," says LearnKey Executive Vice President Lori Coruccini. "Too many times people are placed in a job based on skill alone and that does not benefit the employee or employer in the long run."

LearnKey also plans to roll out more career ready elearning video based courses later this year relevant to learning real world life skills, leveraging behavior, improving the online learning experience and how to find the best jobs online navigating in a digital world.

The career readiness course bundle is available for $995. To find out more, visit or call toll-free 1-800-865-0165.


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